Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kartia’s Testimony

The power of His death and resurrection
An inheritance that matches no others, Hebrews 9

There is a woman in the church here named Kartia who I admire; she’s just full of joy, full of Jesus. Well several weeks ago she came into the coffee shop where a friend that was visiting, Mitko, Altanka, and I were and began to tell us through tears that she had just come from the doctor and was told she had a very large tumor on her liver and they were going to have to operate.
Please understand when they are talking about major surgery here that it is a very, very scary thing. The hospitals are still the same from communist times, very dirty. Let’s just say that the worst of hospitals in the United States is top notch compared to these, and they have even been known to experiment on the gypsies. Kartia so touched my heart and I was truly upset about the whole thing because she was about to have to go through this whole thing alone. Her husband is off in Slovenia working, her mother refused to come or to be of any support to her, and she had no idea what was she going to do with her children. I don’t know about any of you but I had to go through something pretty much the same in my own life so I totally understood what she was facing.
That night during church the Spirit spoke to me to anoint her with oil and to pray for her and then go and anoint her house and pray there as well. I told Mitko as he was telling the church what was going on with her, and Mitko called her up and some of the other women to come and pray with Altanka and me. As I laid my hands on her along with the other women she went to the floor. As she lay there she began to demonically manifest, twisting and distorting as we prayed. We continued to pray till this thing left her and she lay there in peace. I talked to her after service and she said that she could feel this thing being pulled out of her.
From there we went to her house and while we were walking there she told me she hasn’t been able to sleep, that every night she is tormented. I prayed and anointed her house and prayed for her children. And when I saw her the next day she told me that was the best night’s sleep she’s had in some time. She was supposed to go to the hospital in Starz Zagora the same day but the doctor told her not to come, to wait a few days to see if her husband could come from Slovenia. He had tried but he had car problems and couldn’t get here. After a couple of weeks’ time the doctor informed her to come and have the surgery.
This whole while we all believed in faith that she was healed. Some in the church even fasted and prayed for her corporately. Mitko, Altanka and I had planned to go to the hospital and be with her through her surgery so she wouldn’t be alone, but to our surprise at the last moment her neighbors came and brought with them her youngest son and her mother, who had a change of heart. Go Jesus! We stood there in the hall during her surgery which was to take several hours and I still kept believing Jesus.
So after several hours they came and told us that when they went in they found the tumor which was about 4-6 inches across but it was dead!!!!! And all the roots of it that were reaching throughout her body were all dead too. GO JESUS GO!!! And I am sure that if we would have waited a few more days it would have been totally gone from her. We waited for her to wake from the anesthesia and we she woke up we told her about the report. I so wish you could have seen the look on her face – one of total joy! I think if she could have she would have gotten up out of the bed and danced. What awesome God we serve!

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