Sunday, March 30, 2008

Call to the Minisrty

Tonight church started out as any other night, everyone glad to be there, eager to worship the Lord and to hear what He would have to say to the church। Like I said, it started out the same but what happened next is something totally different। As Mitko preached everyone was somewhat distracted, to the point that there was so much chattering going on that Mitko had to stop preaching and asked them to stop and if they needed to go outside to finish their conversation to do so। It’s so funny that when ever there is about to be a move of the Spirit that there is always so many distractions. Mitko continued, and I could feel the shift beginning to take place and the Spirit rising up in me. As Mitko closed his message about David and how God sent His prophet Samuel to anoint him to be the next King of Israel ( I Samuel 16).

Mitko began to call certain leaders up and others that felt God was calling into the ministry.

Well, with in the next few minutes as I stood there looking into the faces of all these precious brothers and sisters . Some of them being brand new babies in Jesus. I was over whelmed. I stood there and counted, there was close to 50 people standing in front of me. 50 people that God was about to pour into and pour through. 50 people to preach the gospel around the globe! 50 people that were willing to run where ever He called them to run. 50 people willing to lay down their lives to be the hands, feet and mouths of God. 50 people to be world shakers. 50 people to be lovers of God. I was in awe and the expressions on their faces as they worshiped the Lord were of pure love for a savior, lost in Him not caring about anything around them only Him. As a minister what this does to you is beyond words, your heart swells with such joy and contentment, seeing God continue to grow what He has called you to.

As we began to lay our hands on them and impart into them they fell to the floor, there were bodies everywhere. Husbands and wives piled together, young and old, covering every bit of space.

Lord let them run with the fire of the Spirit, let run to the ends of the earth, let them run Jesus let them run…………….


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